The staff at Community Action House makes every effort to treat all people with respect and fairness, and to provide knowledgeable, culturally competent services to members of the community. As a client, you have the right to receive services that you are eligible for; we cannot always provide every service for every client, but whenever possible, we will provide referrals and information about alternative community resources.

Case Management


The focus of case management is to help families better understand and more effectively respond to their immediate emotional, physical, or financial needs, with the goal that each client will reach their personal potential and become more successful members of our community.  Both short and long-term case management services are provided, depending upon individual need.


No specific eligibility guidelines apply.  Case Management services are offered free of charge to interested individuals and families. 


By Appointment Only.


For general information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Rachel Ahee at (616) 392-2368 or


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