In partnership with Good Samaritan Ministries, the Community Housing Partnership Program provides transitional housing to homeless individuals and families in the community. Participants are provided with a variety of services, including financial counseling, advocacy, goal setting and problem solving, to address their barriers to obtaining stable, affordable housing. 


Applicants must be homeless, unable to obtain affordable housing, and willing to participate in all required program activities.



Applicants are encouraged to contact Good Samaritan Ministries at (616) 392-7159 for an application and/or further information.

Staff at Community Action House make every effort to treat all people with respect and fairness, and to provide knowledgeable, culturally competent services to members of the community. As a client, you have the right to receive services that you are eligible for; we cannot always provide every service for every client, but whenever possible, we will provide referrals and information about alternative community resources.