What you think about yourself determines the quality of your life. What you think about yourself shapes how you respond to events, situations, and people.

—EPIC Empowerment Institute

Community Action House launched EPIC and commissioned the development of the EPIC Empowerment Skills curriculum to assist its staff and clients to develop interior power by learning to identify and manage their mindsets, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to achieve sustainable outcomes and long-term life goals.

 EPIC’s curriculum is based on the current research and best practices in the areas of cognitive restructuring, emotional intelligence, motivational coaching, and neuropsychology.


The EPIC Empowerment Skills curriculum is offered in two formats:

1. EPIC Community Empowerment Skills Workshop

EPIC offers a yearly Empowerment Skills Workshop, which is open to the wider community, including the clients and case managers of our partner agencies and the entry-level employees of our Employer Partners. For some of your clients, this 6-week class may be an appropriate referral. Contact Ana Pena for more information.


2. EPIC Empowerment and Employment Program

EPIC offers the intensive Empowerment and Employment Program (EESS) twice a year. Enrollment requires 1 year free of substance abuse, readiness for a change, and an interview. Once accepted into the EESS Program, a commitment to the 6-month program is required. For some of your clients, this 6-month intensive program may be an appropriate referral.

For more information, please RSVP for an Orientation Meeting, held regularly on the first Tuesday of each month at 4pm. Orientation meetings are program overviews intended for anyone interested in enrolling, as well as those who come into contact with potential program participants. To RSVP, contact us at (616) 392 2368 x100 or by email.


Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your thoughts. —Maxwell Maltz

EPIC Graduation Ceremony: December 5, 2015

To view the entire ceremony, please visit our YouTube page.