Jason was in between jobs and money was tight; he couldn’t afford to pay household bills and buy groceries. He heard about the CAH Community Kitchen where he could get a hot meal in a welcoming environment. When he walked in he was amazed to discover the close-knit, vibrancy of the community. “The array of people that come is so beautiful,” Jason said. “You’ve got people coming from the streets and people coming that just want to help out.” 

 Jason was grateful not just for the meals, but for the way in which the community respected one another’s honor and dignity, despite the circumstances that led them there. Every time Jason would came to eat, he would be greeted with hugs and smiles and laughter, meeting new people with great stories to tell. “Anytime I’ve ever gone into the kitchen, I see an equal plane where people treat people like people. That’s one of the most beautiful things that can happen. There’s a lot of ministries out there doing helpful things, but when you can hand someone a meal and love them just as you would someone in your family…that’s powerful,” Jason added.


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