Lisa spent three years in search of a safe place to raise her children and build her life. She was forced into one awful rental after another because that was all she could afford. Her children got sick from lead poisoning and black mold and often they couldn’t play outside because the neighborhoods didn’t feel safe.

 Then one day she saw a flyer for Community Action House. In an effort to try something – anything – to make a good life for her kids, she called us up and made an appointment with a Community Action House case manager. The case manager spent a lot of time interviewing Lisa. She found out about Lisa’s life, her dreams, and the barriers that kept her from reaching those dreams. They met weekly to set goals and discuss priorities. Lisa learned how to make and keep a household budget and cultivated a positive support system of neighbors and friends. Most importantly, Lisa learned how to shift from an attitude of blaming everyone for her problems to an attitude of self-responsibility.

 Today Lisa has a new outlook on life. She has gone from hopeless to powerful. She has discovered she has choices she never knew she had. Her children are doing well in school and they get to do fun kid things like trips to the dunes and running on the track team. She told us she wants to help other women get their lives on track using the tools she was taught at Community Action House. Reflecting on her journey, Lisa credits the support she received at Community Action House and the Community Action House expectation for hard work and personal accountability for her success.


Thanks for going on this journey with us.

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Warm Regards,

Kim Squiers

Executive Director of Community Action House


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