Housing Education Program Agreement and Release of Information

In signing this agreement and release, I/We agree to actively participate in the Housing Education Services being offered by this agency.  I/We understand: 

  1. A referral to other services of the organizations or another agency (as appropriate) may be made to assist with particular concerns that have been identified. I understand that I am not obligated to use any of the services offered to me.

  2. That this agency receives funds through MSHDA and HUD and as such, is required to share some of my personal information with program administrators or their agents for purposes of program monitoring, compliance and evaluation.

  3. That a counselor may answer questions and provide information, but cannot give legal advice. If I want legal advice, I will be referred to an attorney for appropriate assistance.

  4. that this agency may provide information on numerous housing programs and loan products and I further understand that the housing services received from this agency in no way obligates me/us to choose any of their particular housing programs or loan products.

NOTE: If you feel you have been unfairly steered or pressured into a certain mortgage loan, real estate, or other housing related service, please contact MSHDA's Housing Education Program at (517) 373-6840.