We're taking 100 days to express gratitude for all the facets of our community that drive our work. #100daysofgratitude began on April 30th, 2018. 

Here are the first 10 days so far:


Day one: today, we’re grateful for the amazing people who choose to give of their time and their warts to be helpful in our community. These volunteers from Trinity Church - Holland made a big difference and served up hunger relief with a smile. Thank you! You did great - we’re honored to serve alongside you! The next couple months have additional monthly Food Distribution dates - expanding our times of services for greater accessibility by those that need it. We need you to make a difference too! Find out how by connecting with us.


Day two: No matter who you are, you CAN make a difference! We've really had some awe inspiring visitors to the food pantry these last couple days. These 5th graders from our local Black River Public School came with donations of food (canned fruit!) and personal care items enough to fill up two grocery carts! These two girls organized a drive in their class because they were here around Thanksgiving and remembered that we needed donations. Isn't that great? Thank you! Contributions like theirs and many more make what we do possible.

Day three: today, we’re grateful for the Free Item of the Week in the food pantry: Butter Pickles! We feature a different item paired with a delicious and healthful recipe, encouraging our patrons to be creative in how they face every challenge. It’s an honor to be part of the varied journeys that families are on. Do you have any tasty family recipes to share?

Day four: today, we are grateful for our local citizens who are the Crop Walk! Everyone who donated, walked, organized, advocated, and did their part to bring about awareness and support for hunger relief here at home and abroad - bravo! This particular group was part of Team CAH led by none other than the fearless Deb, a long time supporter of good things. We’re grateful for this event, and for all the people who choose to support it year after year. It’s a great way for anyone to take a step towards hunger relief.

Day Five: today, we’re grateful for a truly inspired local organization: Kids' Food Baske! They serve 800 children at 5 local schools every day with a hand-packed and nutrition packed sack supper. We love what they do, and were honored with thanks from one of their young students, which we just had to share! Thanks so much for doing the most in preparing the future for all of us! We're so honored to be part of this incredible work!

Day Six: today, we're grateful for the annual Post Office Food Drive. To date, more than 1.2 million pounds of food have been provided by the community during the biggest food drive in America. Here in Holland, the tradition is to hold the food drive the week after Tulip Time, which is our BONUS gratitude today! Holland, is, of course, the place where tulips are so big, they displace the biggest food drive in America! Of all the things that make our community great, the celebration that takes over our tulip-laden city each year is a big part of the beauty that for us defines prosperity - the ability for all members of our community to access resources and enjoy all that there is! Here's to great weather, klomping the streets, and another great food drive!

Day Seven: Today, we're grateful for the Ottawa County Health Department. They recently spent an afternoon offerin free Hepatitis A vaccinations and STD testing at the Community Kitchen. 10 people were immunized - for a first time collaboration, it was a great success! We're so thankful for this service, and especially for the people that were willing to make it possible!

Day Eight: Today, we're grateful to the people behind Chemical Bank, Macatawa Bank, Mercantile Bank, and the Michigan CRA Association. They're all important sponsors of CAH's Education Programs which helped 32 people purchase a home last year. These include workshops on home buying, home maintenance, as well as classes that can help anyone secure a stable and prosperous financial future. For us, the financial gifts that the staff of these banks have made are investments into the future of our entire community, and we couldn't be more grateful. It takes long term thinking and long term decisions to address the challenges that poverty places on all of us, and they've all made such a difference by helping us continue to provide this education free of charge to the community. Thank you!

Day Nine: Today, we're grateful for people like Doug, who stopped to show much needed support for the EPIC Empowerment Program at CAH. He recently connected with EPIC Program Manager Felicia and presented CAH with a donation from Kendall Electri of Holland. Thanks to their support, we're able to provide this powerful, life-changing program which provides empowerment tools, support, and coaching - all things that are ending poverty in our community! We are beyond words grateful for local people from local businesses giving back to make a difference in the lives of others. Thank you, so very much - we can't wait to uncover what we'll accomplish together!

Day Ten: Today, we're grateful for the Allegan County Community Foundation! Since 1965, this organization has been part of countless positive changes in our community, advocating and supporting for the benefit of all residents in our area. We're honored to be one of places that work with the ACCF towards a better future in all aspects of life. Dear ACCF, thank you for all you do, for all you make possible, and for helping to build a strong community!

Gratitude is more than a shout out, congratulations, or thanks - it's core to who we are as a community. We accept that nothing we do, we accomplish alone, and are grateful for the opportunity and responsibility of serving those among us that are most vulnerable.

So Come Join Us.

You can leave a comment here, on social media, send us a note, stop by - and at the end of every day, know that we're all doing our best to do our part.