To all of the Community Kitchens in the world,

To all of the community kitchens out there, across the country and around the world,

We are with you.

You serve those that are six years old to 101 years old.

You were there when the hurricanes landed, when fires burned, when foreclosure was the word of the day.

Whether its twenty meals or twenty thousand,

Whether you’re just getting started or were founded decades ago,

We are dreaming a dream together where none among us are hungry or lonely, and doing everything to make that dream a reality. We are here in nearly every state and country.

Whether it is once a month, once a week, or every day,

We serve meals together. We are the fruit of forces that harness us to do true good in the world. We create space for safety, for fullness, for hope, and for fellowship.

We believe it is within the very nature of people to serve others.

We do more than serve meals. We share love and knowledge of cooking, breaking bread. We listen, we laugh, we cry, and meet each other, eye to eye, face to face. We teach, we advocate, with a mind to learn and grow. We serve the public health, we serve the common good, we serve to contribute the best we have to the communities we love.

We are born of beautiful partnerships between helpful people who cannot look away any longer, people of faith that have chosen to act in the world we inhabit today, restaurants and businesses who fulfill their core mission to provide meals however they can, non-profits that strive always to do good, cities and counties and states and countries, schools and shelters, all. Community Kitchens are as diverse as the people they serve. Each and everyone is united by a meal that is provided for free but carries a cost, paid for in full by countless supporters.

Today, we are grateful for all of the Community Kitchens in the world, including the one in Holland, Michigan.

#100daysofgratitude day 46.