Help Us Fill This Truck: Summer Food Drive

Your Support is Needed Right Now. Help Us Fill This Truck With Food!

Summer is a critical time in Holland for our neighbors who are most at risk! We need your help to fill this truck with food for the next 8 weeks to ensure that every person coming through the doors will receive food and resources to live free of emergency, crisis, and poverty.

You can make an immediate difference! Help us fill this new (to us) truck generously donated by our friends at Inontime (they're awesome, read all about their gift here). We're calling on you to fill the truck with food our community needs – your contributions will stock the shelves for walk-in client-choice food pantry visits and monthly food distributions. It’s a literal truck load!

Get the Word Out!

The example email below is one suggestion on how to let your community know. Feel free to use it, change it, or better yet, use your own words! Set a place to collect the donated items, and bring them to our General Store location on Friday July 27th & Saturday July 28th. We'll be there from 10am til 6pm on Friday and 10am til 4pm on Saturday, rain or shine. 

Make Your Mark and Sign the Truck!

While you're there, we invite you to make your mark and sign the interior of the truck - because this is a community resource that serves all of us, and belongs to all of us. This is the first of many amazing acts of goodwill that this truck will be part of in providing hunger relief – powered by you – and your name and the name of who you represent belong here as champions of our community! 

Collect These Items:

  • Canned Tuna – 800
  • Peanut Butter – 400
  • Jam – 300
  • Canned Chicken – 400
  • Breakfast Cereal – 300
  • Whole Grain Crackers – 300
  • Salsa – 300
  • Canned Fruit - 1000

Every single item makes an immediate difference in the lives of those we are committed to serve!

Sample email message to share: (fill in the sections in Bold)

Dear friends [family, colleagues],

Community Action House is calling on us to help provide hunger relief to our community – and they’re asking us to help fill their new truck with food for the next two months. They’re witnessing an increase in the number of families in need of help at their food pantry and monthly food distributions and have one big goal – that everyone who needs help gets what they need to avert crisis and emergency.

You can help bring hope to families that are struggling, including families with kids at home for the summer, migrant families here for the work season, and to the elderly living on fixed incomes. We’ll be collecting items until Friday July 27/Saturday July 28 and bringing everything to their truck. Here are the items they need:

Canned Tuna – 800
Peanut Butter – 400
Jam – 300
Canned Chicken – 400
Breakfast Cereal – 300
Whole Grain Crackers – 300
Salsa – 300
Canned Fruit - 1000

Finally – come with us to donate! CAH is inviting us to sign the inside of the new truck to mark its inaugural food drive! This truck will be delivering hundreds of thousands of meals every year, and we’ll be part of the first literal truckload of food it brings to our community.

Please bring your food donations to [location] by [deadline] – we’ll be dropping off  and signing the truck on [Friday/Saturday] at [time] together!