Food Pantry Update: Locations, Hours, Services, & Expansion


Community Action House is pleased to announce an expansion in food pantry services available to our neighbors with the following changes, effective May 6, 2019.

1. Expanded Food Pantry Hours of Operation:

  • Currently: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Food Pantry | 1pm-4pm

  • We are adding the following times at our 14th Street Food Pantry:

    • NEW: Wednesday Food Pantry  | 8:30am-11:30am, 1pm-4pm

      • Our first Wednesday of service at CAHS will be May 8

    • NEW: Friday Food Pantry  | 8:30am-11:30am, starting May 10

    • Fresh Fridays will be 1pm-4pm, during growing season, typically mid-June through October, except Monthly Food Distribution dates)

2. All Food Pantry Services to be provided at 345 West 14th Street in Holland

3. Increase in the number of allowed visits for food per calendar year to 6 times (from 3) - effective May 8

4. After the first visit in each calendar year, community resources and referrals will be available on an optional basis, as requested by food pantry visitors. A brief check-in meeting will be required during the first visit each calendar year to ensure effective referrals to community resources are being provided.

5. Northside Food Pantry Services are being rolled into the 14th Street Food Pantry: the last day of Wednesday Northside Food Pantry will be May 1st.

  • Northside Holland residents requiring assistance in traveling to the 14th Street Food Pantry, please contact CAH at 616-392-2368 ext. 100 during business hours.

Community Action House is excited to provide deepened engagement by combining our food pantry locations, allowing us to provide a wider selection of healthier food options, and stocking more items with greater consistency to best serve the thousands of guests who find hunger relief each year.

Please direct questions and comments to Melissa Roessing ( | 616-392-2368 ext. 125).

Thank you.