June 2018 E-newsletter


To all of the volunteers and donors, supporters and advocates, friends and partners, neighbors, staff, and board of Community Action House,

This is not a call to action.

Together, you have already answered the call by making a positive difference in the lives of others. You have listened to families from all different backgrounds requesting help, and responded by providing food, clothing, housing, education, and support.

You have joyfully partnered with all who share our core values regardless of faith, socioeconomic status, or political affiliations. You have given freely of your time, of your hands, of your buildings and talents, of your experience and business.

You helped save twenty-five million dollars’ worth of homes during the foreclosure crisis. You have connected those in need with those with a need to give. You have built a garden, a kitchen, and space for nonprofits to collaborate. You are a friend to individuals experiencing homelessness. You have served millions of meals.

Community Action House, you are incredible. You are one of our community’s best friends – an ardent supporter of the most vulnerable among us. We end each day grateful for our contributions to the community.

Many changes have come to our organization, and we expect much more to come in the future. As always, we’re looking forward to new developments, direction, and opportunity. Most of all, we’re united in our work – to do everything in our power so that all of our community members can have access to basic needs, community abundance, opportunity, positive development, and hope.

All of you together are representatives of the best our community has offered for nearly fifty years. Today, we’re grateful for Community Action House.



In a few weeks, one of our neighbors we're working with in Homeless Street Outreach is moving into her very own apartment. We'd like to welcome her in the warmest way possible by filling her fridge with everything she needs to cook at home again. There are some specific items that are not readily donated to the food pantry for which we are asking for your help. If you can contribute, please contact Jessica Garza by June 12th: jgarza@communityactionhouse.org / (616) 392 -2368 x130

Thank you for being the best kind of community we can be together.

Upcoming Events


1-day Home Buyer
Education Workshop

June 21  •  9am - 3pm


Monthly Food Distributions
June 28  •  1 - 3pm
June 29  •  2 - 4pm


Community Kitchen
Open House

June 28  •  4:30 - 6:30pm


Lake Macatawa
Neighbors' Night Out

June 29  •  6 - 8:30pm


New Fiscal Year Begins
Hello 2018-2019!
July 1