Sharing Hope with Excellence

I joined Community Action House in September. Over my first two months, I’ve seen our team in action. Supported by the efforts of over 350 volunteers, every day is a flurry of activity. This activity reflects the urgency of our mission in this moment. Even in a time of low unemployment, many jobs offer wages too low to allow families to reliably meet their basic needs, much less to set something aside to support themselves in a time of crisis. Recent data shows that 35% of our area’s households are struggling to make ends meet. Many of these have seen the cost of basic needs increase faster than their incomes. And for some, the crisis is now homelessness, even as we enter the coldest months of the year.

But, we are correct to have hope. Our programs continue to provide critical support to our neighbors in need. Our food security team is working hard to make sure all in need don’t run short of food for their families. Our highly trained staff are responding to calls for support, averting crisis. Our education and empowerment staff continue to hear from program alumni now full of hope for a brighter future.

Although we face challenges, I’m encouraged by the breadth of your engagement. Together, you are hundreds of individuals, businesses, and communities of faith working together to address these challenges, through the common platform of Community Action House. I’m encouraged to know how many of you are working with us to make sure tomorrow is brighter than today for everyone that calls our community home.

49 years ago a group of community members came together and formed Community Action House. Since then, we have had the privilege of organizing efforts to meet our neighbors’ needs with compassion and excellence. We’re grateful for all you’ve done along the way. And we need your continued support, especially through this season. As you reflect and celebrate over the holidays, we ask you to make a financial donation to further our shared efforts.

Next year, we’ll enter our 50th year. We’re excited about what’s next, and we’ll be sharing more as we consider some promising new programmatic initiatives. We know that only together will we be able to challenge the existence of persistent poverty in our community.



Scott Rumpsa, Executive Director

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