Simply Give More Campaign

Your Donation Has 6x the Impact!

Your help is needed to provide 14,766 more meals than we expected over the next two months

There’s been a big increase in demand for our food pantry and hunger relief efforts in the last 4 months. We’re serving about twice the number of people and meals over last year - and deeply committed to providing a steady supply of healthy food options for all of our guests seeking help. During this "Simply Give More” campaign, your gifts will make 6x the impact (up to the first $2,500) - key to securing $15,000 of food support.

$50 becomes $300 of food. $100 becomes $600 of food. $10 becomes $60!

Every gift goes towards providing 14,766 more meals through September and October. Gifts made to this campaign will be matched by Meijer and an anonymous donor on September 13 - all to put $15,000 of food resources to work for our neighbors, a big part of providing 14,766 more meals! Food drives and food gleaning are also key efforts of towards meeting the increasing food security needs of our neighbors and guests.

Funds raised beyond the first $2,500 will further help us to serve guests with needs in food security, community connection, and financial empowerment.

Donate by Friday, September 13th!

Thank you for considering this opportunity to make a world of difference.