EPIC is a five-month intensive empowerment program for people who want to turn their lives around. At EPIC we believe what you think about yourself determines the quality of your life. What you think about yourself shapes how you respond to events, situations, and people.

Rachel, a Community Action House EPIC graduate, is proof this is true. She’s made great strides in setting and accomplishing goal after goal. She’s doing so well, in fact, she was recently interviewed by Judge Brad Knoll on our local radio station WHTC where she shared the story of her graduation from Mental Health Court, a program that promotes recovery by redirecting select defendants with mental illness into judicially-supervised, community-based treatment.

As an EPIC graduate, she is also helping other EPIC participants as a peer mentor, sharing her experiences and inspiring others who are going through tough times. At the invitation of Judge Knoll, she's also training to be a peer mentor to other participants in Mental Health Court. She’s become a role model. “I’d never felt respect before – and that feeling of respect helped me set my boundaries.” In her free time, she enjoys her adorable, creative granddaughters aged 8 and 9, and continuing on her journey to do what she loves – helping others in need.


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