We are so grateful for your support.

Whatever it is you plan on doing on March 10, we sincerely hope it is as fruitful and life-giving as the programs you're supporting, far, far away from any of us that day. Depending on your choice, you may or may not see your name on the Unevent Wall shortly. Regardless, you might find it a worthwhile place to visit. You can also visit our Facebook Unevent event page and encourage others who have given by liking their posts, and watching some awesome videos about our work.

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Also, welcome to the

Where you decide who dons a pink bunny suit and sits by the fireplace in Downtown Holland for an hour during the Unevent.

Voting has closed, and the result was:


By a slim margin of just $10, you have spoken! David just completed his Pink Bunny Walk around Downtown Holland. Here's the video to prove it:

Hello, David!