Planned Giving

A wise Chinese proverb instructs, “One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade”. At Community Action House we want to be that shade in our community. We know that with each generation, there is an immeasurable capacity to sow hope for years to come.

Out of our desire to make available the most impactful measures for giving, we have formed a platform for giving, which we have named The Humanity Alliance. The Humanity Alliance is a group of people who are committed to providing individuals and families in our community with lasting resources. Through planned giving investments, these resources will be safeguarded for generations to come.

Whether it is through a gift of Real estate, Life Insurance, Retirement Plan Assets, a Will or Trust, Stocks or Bonds, your gift will strengthen our ability to continue sowing hope.

To leave a legacy is to be part of the future. Thank you for considering The Humanity Alliance as part of your own legacy. For more information, download our Planned Giving Brochure (PDF, 2.28 MB) or call Shelley Shanafelt at (616) 392-2368.