Community Action House provides classes at no cost to community members for financial capability, home buyer education and home maintenance education.

Classes are facilitated by certified, trained staff. Presenters from local businesses, financial institutions, and municipalities are invited to provide participants with specialized information based their expertise and class topics.

Class curriculum meets the requirements set by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and is facilitated by certified housing counselors. 

Financial Capability Classes are designed to help individuals and families with a wide variety of financial counseling needs, ranging from credit repair to preparation for home purchase. Topics covered in the class include developing a spending plan, credit, debt reduction, savings, consumer protection, insurance, and long-term financial planning.

NEW!  Credit Seminars are now being offered on the first Thursday of every month, in both English and Spanish in alternating months.  Topics covered include what is credit, how does it affect the consumer, and what can be done to get out of debt.  Contact Ana for more information.  616.392.2368, ext. 107.

Home Buyer Education is provided to educate individuals and families about the home purchase process, including credit, affordability, taxes, real estate, home inspections, mortgages, and insurance.

NEW!  Community Action House now partners with eHome America to provide Home Buyer Education. This is an online course in both English and Spanish that satisfies the education requirement for many down payment assistance and loan programs. Pay a fee and take the course in your home at your own pace. You will be required to talk with a Community Action House Housing and Education Specialist prior to receiving your certificate. Click here to get started!



Home Inspection Assistance is available to buyers who have a MSHDA loan in progress. Up to $750 is available to pay for a Home Inspection that is a requirement as selected on your Purchase Agreement. An appointment with a Housing Counselor is also provided prior to the inspection. Referral from your lender is required – ASK your lender today!  

(Please note:  No funds are provided to Home Inspections that have already taken place, and funds are not guaranteed.)

Please get in touch with if you are interested in information about Home Buyer Education in Spanish:


Home Maintenance Education is designed to teach homeowners “do it yourself” home maintenance skills for landscaping, electrical and furnace maintenance, plumbing, painting and wall repair.

What Are Participants Saying About Their Experience With Our Education Classes?

"The thing that helped me the most was recognizing how I spend and save money. I really needed this class - it was a good eye opener. I learned a lot of useful information. Thanks a lot!" - Jamell McClendon, Financial Capabilities Participant
"I really enjoyed the home buyers course and I am confident that it will give me the courage to finally buy a home and end the generational hindrance of renting." - Raquel Dawson, Home Buyer Education participant
“Thank you for the insurance information, the credit information and everything else.
I do not know any other place I could find what I learned here. I am joining you again
in May. This was so crucial!”  –Robert Bauer, Financial Management Class participant

"It was great to be able to talk to people who know their stuff with regards to gardening, painting, electrical, and plumbing. I had many questions answered and have already started applying some of what I've learned. I'm observing things in my house with a knowledgeable eye now." - Jovanna Mendoza, Home Maintenance Class participant