Our Resale Store's primary mission is to financially support the programs of Community Action House.

The proceeds generated by the resale of your donations allow CAH staff to spend more time doing what they do best: feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, preventing foreclosure and evictions, providing transitional housing, and offering educational classes to help build prosperity.

For more information on donating, please see our Most Needed Items and Donation Guidelines.

We appreciate your support!

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The General Store

The General Store opened in June 2011 with the dream of being able to serve the Holland area with better used clothing, furniture, bikes, and appliances at great prices. The General Store also has a large book nook and toy department. Stop in and see what we have in store for you and your whole family. 

Phone: 616 594 5451  


  • Monday-Friday 10:00am-6:00pm
  • Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm

Location: 694 Michigan Ave, Holland, MI 49423

Resale Rewards Punch Card


We love our patrons, so we've launched rewards to make it even sweeter to support all of Community Action House's community programs.

How it works:

1) Get your very own Resale Rewards Punch Card at the General Store on 694 Michigan Ave.

2) Hand your punch card to the sales associate with every purchase for a stamp. We'll record the total dollar amount you spent on the back as well.

3) 8 punches on your card, we'll take 15% of the total of the dollar amounts on your card back to you to spend anytime, any way you like, on any purchase at the General Store! Example: If your total for 8 purchases was $200, you'll get back $30!

4) Once your card is full, get a new one right away, so you can keep building those rewards!

*Purchases made with Resale Reward Dollars are eligible for a stamp on your next card, but the value of the rewards are not recorded on additional cards. Purchases paid for partially in Resale Rewards Dollars get a stamp, and any amount above the value of the Rewards will be recorded on your new card. Please contact us for questions and further details. Happy Resale!

Most Needed Items: Resale

  • Furniture
  • Bicycles
  • Appliances
  • Pallet Shelving
  • Display Racks for Shoes
  • Display Fixtures for Toys
  • Industrial Rolling Bins