Community Action House can assist families experiencing a foreclosure crisis by collaborating and advocating on their behalf to mortgage companies and lenders, providing financial counseling and education, and assisting in obtaining alternative housing if foreclosure is unavoidable.

In September 2014, Community Action House was highlighted in The Bridge, a publication of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). PDF downloads of these articles are available below.

Community Action House was awarded a Human Relations Social Justice Awards in 2010 by the City of Holland.

“The Housing award went to the Community Action House Foreclosure Prevention Program for their efforts to address the foreclosure crisis by assisting homeowners to understand the foreclosure process and assist homeowners to save their homes. Housing Case Managers meet with families to provide budget counseling and assist them to negotiate with mortgage companies and to arrange loan modifications to avoid foreclosure.”

Comments from Participants

"I'm thankful. This helped me and my family in a time of need. I was laid off of work for three months and could have lost my home. The person assigned to help me was very professional and friendly. Thank you again, Community Action House, for your help!"